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Response Sheet

Romberger All-Family Reunion, Saturday, July 28, 2007


Please return this sheet IMMEDIATELY, whether you will be attending the Reunion or not.  They help us plan the Reunion, update our address books, and add family information to our file.


Name and Address.  This will appear in our family directory available to all members unless you direct otherwise.



Name _________________________________________________________________



Street Address _______________________________________________________



City, State, Zip _______________________________________________________



Telephone (_______) _____________________________________



E-mail ___________________________________________________



Check appropriate answers:


[   ] We will attend the Reunion.

               How many will be in your party? __________

                 Please list their names:












               How many will be at the dinner? __________



[   ] Sorry, we cannot attend this year.



[   ] Recognition certificate.  We would like to honor young family members (under age 30) who have made noteworthy achievements.  On the rear of this form or on a separate sheet, please give the name of the nominee, the person making the nomination, and a brief description of the accomplishments worthy of honor.  Both the recipient and nominating person must be present at the Reunion.



[   ] Names for mailing list.  Please write the names and addresses of people who should be on our mailing list on the back of this form or on a separate sheet.



[   ] I plan to bring an exhibit.  On the back of this form or on a separate sheet please describe your exhibit and any special equipment you may need.



[   ] Family news.  On the back of this form or on a separate sheet please inform us about recent events, such as births, deaths, or recent accomplishments. 


[   ] I have items for the family archives.  These may include photos (hopefully with subjects identified), old papers, copies of family Bible entries, family histories etc.



[   ] Please mail me a Family Directory.  A contribution of $6.00 is suggested.  Directories will be available at the Reunion for a contribution of $5.00.



[   ]  Contributions.  There are no fees for attending our Reunions.  We know some cannot afford to contribute.  We hope the rest will give generously.  Those who wish may earmark their contributions for Reunion expenses or for research in Germany.


               Amount enclosed:  $____________________          


Please make checks payable to Romberger All-Family Reunion.  The family name may be spelled as you prefer – the bank accepts all spellings.


We thank you for your support!


Please mail this form and your check to:


Frank Herzel     681 Maria Drive     Harrisburg, PA     17109-4216