Pennsylvania Adoption Relinquishment Documents

The relinquishment papers move the child from the birthparent to custody of the agency.

My birthmother signed hers at the agency office and there was a hearing in front of a judge. According to documents she was still a mess from the birth, had headaches from the saddle block anesthesia, and was crying hysterically.

My friend, a birthmom named Carol, had to sign hers while under the influence of drugs and while in active labor.

The relinquishment papers below are actual copies from a birthmother from Pittsburgh. They include her petition requesting the child be permitted to go to custody of the agency, as well as the agency attesting to their agreement to this plan.

There is mention of a decree in here- DON'T confuse this with the decree which finalizes the adoption- that decree is issued generally by the county in which the adoptive parents lived at the time they got the child.

While reading, keep your eyes peeled for promises of confidentiality, implied or overt.



Uh, did you catch that promise of lifetime confidentiality? No? Me neither. That's because IT ISN'T THERE.

That means we have laws built around something that doesn't even exist. That's scary.

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