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David Grey's World Wide Registry.

J. Light's Adoption Search Links - See if Johnny has the directory you need for a free lookup!

Florence Crittendon Adoption Search Group at MSN

Saphyre's Adoption Page- Info on NJ and DE search mailing list.

The Adoption Guide

Metro Reunion Registry

May 12, 1997 Alexis Michelle Porter - an open adoption story

Because of Love... Natalie's Page

Troy Finds!

Ms. Fran's Page/Search Resources

Laura Ly Qatato ISO Baby Girl Heagy, 4-6-83, Lancaster, PA

Adoption Puzzle

Wilma Bonner's Yellow Rose Reunions

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Lia's Links

The Computer Guys - Adoption Links

Bower Family Homestead with genealogy and adoption info

D's Page

Bill's Adoption Connection

Adoption & Fostering Resource Center Adoption Information

Paulding County Georgia's Recommended Adoption Sites (for any state)

Ties That Bind

MoonMists' Adoptees and Birthparents of Michigan

MoonMist's 400+ Adoption Links

Adoption Reunion Connections

RootsWeb Surname List - Interactive Search (last name search)

Catholic Charities Relinquished Registry

Catholic Charities Guestbook - lots of searches here

Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy Research Guide and Worldwide Directory

PA Catholic Database

High School Alumni

More Yearbook Help

Rachel's Adoption Links

Rema's Search and Reunion Site

Find a Mailing List for Your State

Sunflower Birthmom's Mailing List

Adoptee's Internet Mailing List

American Adoption Congress

Bastard Nation

Concerned United Birthparents

Council for Equal Rights in Adoption

National Council of Birthmothers

Lisa's Adoption Search Pages

Adoptionopoly - The Board Game You Play in the Dark

Doug Henderson's Guide to Adoption Acronyms

The Difference - Cool site from Canadian Adoptee and Birthmother

Jason Englander's Adoption, Geneology and Search Links (Another URL, same page is at this site.)

Southern Lady's Adoptee-Birthparent Search Links

Health, peace of mind, and open records in PA. Why not?

The Primal Wound

Curry Wolfe's Page- the Blue Book, Making Contact, and Maternity Home Registry

Pinpoint a Place

Black Market Adoption Registry

Linda Hurd's Story


Finding People Worldwide

Beth's Adoption Index (don't miss "Silver Dollar Man")

Bits and Pieces - Registry for NC, SC, GA, MD, VA, District of Columbia

Registry for ME, NH, RI, and VT

Alabama Registry

Arizona Adoption Registry

Arkansas Registry

California Mutual Consent Registry

Delaware Registry

Finding in Florida

Looking In Florida

Georgia-Southern Pines-Registry

Illinois Adoption Registry

Indiana Registry

Kentucky Registry

Louisiana Registry

Massachusetts Registry

Michigan Registry

Mississippi Reunion Registry

Nebraska Registry

New Mexico Registry

NY Adoption Page

Tennessee Registry

Texas TXCare Adoption Registry

Texas Reunion Registry

Virginia Adoption Registry

Twins and Triplets Registry

Who Me?

Owens Quick Adoption Links

Active duty Navy and Navy civil service personnel (choose "Public Access" on the site)

Military Links and Info

Doctor Locator (current docs only)

Adoption Related Sites and Information

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940

Foster Children Searching For Foster Families

Jane's UK Adoption Information Online

CANADopt: Canada's Adoption Presence on the World Wide Web

US Black Market Searcher

The Springer Babies of NY

Hightower Black Market Babies of Texarkana, Texas

Hightower Registry

Lydia Shapiro, MD, Baby Trafficker

Origins Tasmania - More Black Market action

Illegal Adoptions of Aboriginal Peoples

Stolen: July 12, 1984 SOMENDU'S parents are looking! "These papers are just for foster care...sign here."

On Finding Birthparents - An Indian Adoptee Searches

Bessie Bernard, Black Market Baby Seller

Helen Tanos Hope - Questionable Interstate Adoptions

Silent Legacy - Hicks Clinic Birth Registry

Cole Baby Registry

The Peacock Babies - Canadian Doc Plays Social Worker

Adoption's Ugliest Sides - condoned kidnapping, falsification of records, & UN Rights of the Child violations

Grandmothers of May Square - Fighting Kidnapping and Identity Deprivation in Argentina

Who? Me? Link Image


Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education Links


PAFind EMAIL LIST - a FREE e-mail list of PA searchers helping one another.

STATE REGISTRIES AND POLITICS - Why neither are helping PA searchers much.

RELINQUISHMENT PAPERS - Like to see an example of PA relinquishment papers?

YOUR OLD AGENCY - Backtrack here for possible help in search.

COUNTY OF FINALIZATION - Some county specific info. You need to find this out and it may not be where you think.

THE DECREE - Adoptee is adopted in the county of finalization, records now sealed. Want to see a decree?

FORMAL PETITION - Learn how some counties make it a bit harder.

NON-ID - Learn what it is, and how to ask for it.


PA ADOPTION LAW - the easy version or the actual wording.

ADOPTION GROUPS - known in PA that handle search, support, legislation or all three.

SEARCH BASICS - In addition to this whole menu, here's a list of ways to search and try to be found.

PHONE CALL AND LETTER IDEAS - When you are close to making that respectful first contact.

SEARCH SUCKS! I NEED A *@$#! BREAK! - Take one, pal.

HIRING A SEARCHER OR PI? - Caveat emptor! Read some parameters and cautions.

THE UNIFORM ADOPTION ACT or UAA - Learn more about "The Evil Act". Coming to PA or your state?

CITY PAPER - Coverage of adoption search, law and the UAA in PA.

PERSONAL ESSAY - on adoption with info for all sides of the triad.

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