Birthfather Links and Reading

Birthfather and Fathering Groups

Concerned United Birthparents

BirthFathers YahooGroup run by Don Taylor, himself a birthfather.

Father to Father Sharing goals of bringing fathers together for mutual support and resource sharing, and developing pro-active, positive approaches to fathers in the community and workplace. Site with emphasis on California. Counter on the original site at former indicates site open since 9/2/01 but the owner does not seem to have gotten it as far as planned.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children Dedicated to "equal rights for ALL parties affected by divorce, and the breakup of a family or establishment of paternity".

Pennsylvania chapter of Fathers’ And Children’s Equality

The Center for Children's Justice - Pennsylvania Chapter (has a mailing list too)

Birthfather Books

Out of the Shadows : Birthfathers' Stories, by Mary Martin Mason. O.J. Howard Publishing, MN (1995); ISBN: 0964625911. has it.

Rebecca's Law - Sojourn of a Stolen Father. a novel by Rohan McEnor. Email the author at for ordering information.

Birthfathers and Their Adoption Experiences by Gary Clapton In this new study, the author recounts the stories of thirty birthfathers in adoptions, discussing notions of fatherhood, biological paternity, social fatherhood, sperm donorship and the "father figure," covering ways of applying the knowledge to adoptive families and birth parents. (Paperback, 176 pages, 2002) #8702 at

Dear Birthfather by Randolph W. Severson, Ph.D. Birthfathers are often the forgotten member of the adoption circle. This book will appeal to teenage fathers who are concerned about doing the right thing. DEAR BIRTHFATHER gives them information and support to make appropriate decisions during a difficult time. #2747 ... $7.50 (Paperback, 13 pages) at

My Search for Catherine Anne by Barrie Clark James Lorimer & Co., Toronto, 1989

Birthfather Stories and Poetry

Ellen's Story by her Birthfather and Adoptive Dad.

Fathers & Son Adoptive dad writes of the search for his son's birthfather.

Bud's Birthfather Story

I Reflect as I Wait Birthfather poem about his thoughts while waiting for his daughter to turn 18 and hopefully find him.

Jason's Story where Jason, his adoptive dad and his birth dad tell their stories.

Meeting my Birthfather

My Story A birthfather writes of hoping to annul the adoption of his child, and how he helped his adopted sister with her search.

A Right To Privacy - And The Quandry by Lark Ritchie, a Canadian birthfather in reunion.

Birthfather Articles

Blurring the Lines: What, Exactly, Is Parenthood?

The Sound of Silence? Article from About.Com including a reader's poll/forum. Varying viewpoints displayed pertaining to birthfathers' presence, or lack of it.

Stepping Out of the Shadows: Birthfathers Speak Out

Birthfathers: Healing The Silent Sorrow

"Mom, I'm going to be a father."

Can Birth Fathers Disrupt Adoptions? British Columbia Canadian site asks.

More on Putative Father Registries

The What Registry?A man tries to use his state's putative father's registry, and what a tale he weaves.

Biological Fathers' Rights in Adoption"

Adopted boy's birthdad awarded $7.8 million

Dear Birthfather You're the father, or at least she says you are. So what are you going to do?

Why Do We See Less Birth Fathers Searching? asks a birthfather.

States with Putative Father Registries

Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education Links


PAFind - The email search mailing list for Pennsylvania.

STATE REGISTRIES AND POLITICS - Why neither are helping PA searchers much.

RELINQUISHMENT PAPERS - Like to see an example of PA relinquishment papers?

YOUR OLD AGENCY - Backtrack here for possible help in search.

COUNTY OF FINALIZATION - Some county specific info. You need to find this out and it may not be where you think.

THE DECREE - Adoptee is adopted in the county of finalization, records now sealed. Want to see a decree?

FORMAL PETITION - Learn how some counties make it a bit harder.

NON-ID - Learn what it is, and how to ask for it.


PA ADOPTION LAW - the easy version or the actual wording.

ADOPTION GROUPS - known in PA that handle search, support, legislation or all three.

SEARCH BASICS - In addition to this whole menu, here's a list of ways to search and try to be found.

PHONE CALL AND LETTER IDEAS - When you are close to making that respectful first contact.

HIRING A SEARCHER OR PI? - Caveat emptor! Read some parameters and cautions.

THE UNIFORM ADOPTION ACT or UAA - Learn more about "The Evil Act". Coming to PA or your state?

CITY PAPER - Coverage of adoption search, law and the UAA in PA.

PERSONAL ESSAY - on adoption with info for all sides of the triad.

REGISTRIES AND GENERAL (NON-PA) ADOPTION STUFF - links to varied good places.

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