York County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

2001 response

Becky K. Foust
Chief Deputy,
Clerk of Orphans’ Court Division
York County Courthouse
28 E. Market Street
York, PA 17401-1597

April 11, 2001

Dear Ms. Shay:

I am in receipt of your letter of April 4, 2001 concerning our policy regarding information concerning adoptees. I have enclosed a packet of information that we send Adoptees and/or the Biological Parents. I hope this information will answer all of your questions.

If you have any questions you may call 717-771-9258


Becky K. Foust Chief Deputy

[The letter they send out is as follows:]

We are in receipt of your letter requesting the release of information concerning your natural parents. I have enclosed a copy of 23 PA. C.S.S.2905, which requires that adoption files be impounded and information from the file released only in certain circumstances.

Section 2905 (b) and (c) require that a petition be filed with the court requesting the release of information. You may petition the court for the release of limited non-identifying information contained in the file or you may petition the court to appoint a designated agent to attempt to contact the natural parents. Petition forms are enclosed which may be completed if you wish to proceed further. Completed petition forms must be filed with the Clerk of Orphans’ Court. There is a $ 25.00 filing fee imposed by the Clerk of Orphans’ Court for the filing of a petition.

Additionally, if the court appoints a designated agent to attempt to contact your parents you will be responsible for the payment of any reasonable fees, approximately $ 200.00 will be charged by the agent to conduct the search. Alternatively, if the adoption was not a private one, you may contact the agency that placed you and request that they contact your natural parents.

If there are any questions you may contact our chambers.

Sincerely yours,

John C. Uhler

[Enclosed was information concerning the PA Adoption Medical History Registry Personal and Medical History Information Consent which a birth parent can complete and send to the court, Petition for Release of Limited information, Petition for the Release of Identifying information]

These forms can be obtained from the York County Courthouse.

1999 response

3-3-99 from Becky K. Foust, Chief Deputy

I am in receipt of your letter dated 2-25-99 concerning adoptions. I have enclosed our forms that may be filed by the adoptee or the biological parents. The fee for either petition is $ 25.00.

If you have any questions you may contact me at (717) 771-9258

[Enclosed was the Pennsylvania Adoption Medical History Registry, a copy of PA Adoption law, A Personal & Medical History Information Consent form to be completed and placed into the adoption file, A petition for release of Limited Information and a petition for release of identifying information.]

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