Snyder County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

2001 response

Teresa J. Berger
Prothonotary &Clerk of Orphans’ Court
Of Snyder County
P.O. Box 217
9 West Market Street
Middleburg, PA 17842
Phone: 570-837-4201
Fax: 570-837-4275

April 9, 2001

Dear Ms. Shay:

I am uncertain as to whom a party would contact to search for birthparents. Perhaps a private investigator. I do not know of any public service.

As far as going into an adoption record in this office, the party interested in opening a record would have to petition the court to do so. The filing fee to initiate such a petition would be $ 20.00.

Provisions for which a birth parent who desires contact and reunion with the child they surrendered to adoption, would be at the discretion of the law and the court providing an individual made such a petition or request to the court.

The provision for placing of a waiver of confidentiality into the adoption file would take place before the court at the time of the adoption hearing(s).

The department that might be able to provide intermediaries who are appointed to provide non-identifying information and conduct a search for the birthparents as provided in Section 2905 would be the Judge’s office, perhaps through the Court Administrator. Their office address is P.O. Box 217, Snyder County Courthouse, Middleburg, Pennsylvania 17842.


Teresa J. Berger
Clerk of Orphans’ Court

1999 response

2/25/99 Response from office of Teresa J. Berger, Prothonatory & Clerk of Courts

Currently, we do not release any information regarding adoptions. If an adopted child or other relative wishes to have information from the adoption file after the adoption is final they must file a petition with the court requesting that the record be opened. The Judge would have to rule on this petition and if a court order was handed down granting the request; the record could then be opened.

I am not familiar with the form your refer to as the "waiver of confidentiality." We have never used this form in the past.

If you have any further questions you may want to contact Teresa Berger, our Prothonotary, for further information.

Signed: Linda G. Thomas, Deputy

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