Our niece in Hyderabad just finished her examinations for college. Good job, Richa!

The results are in!

After a fine showing, Richa's headed for
Villa Marie College for Women
in Hyderabad. Careful consideration of many options has led her to study the field of Commerce.

So... let's party!

To celebrate her recent 15th birthday, an afternoon of fun with some girlfriends and family was held at the family house. Richa may like relaxing with some detective story books, but not that day! Too busy with the girls and the homemade goodies and wonderful cream-topped pastries!

No growing pains here.

This is a time of many changes and thinking about the future... do you think she might be driving soon?

Our niece in Hyderabad

A young lady in the making.

Look at our young stunner in her sari!