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Pennsylvania Online Registry

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Online Registry!

This site was made so it would be easy to search for family members you have lost through adoption in Pennsylvania.

This registry is is made up of searches that are posted on the <a href="http://www.insidetheweb.com/mbs.cgi/mb145841">Adoption Message Board of Pennsylvania</a>. Searches posted there are moved here, a structured place where it is possible to organize searches by year of birth of the adoptee.

Looking to post your search?

The Adoption Message Board of Pennsylvania.

No problem. Go to <a href="http://www.insidetheweb.com/mbs.cgi/mb145841">The Adoption Message Board of Pennsylvania</a> and do so! Every few days, the most recent searches posted there are moved here, and then classified by the year of the adoptee's birth. It's easier to search here than at the Board, but the board will stay to allow people to respond easily to one another.

Want to read through posts to look for a match?

Find the link that represents the year group of the adoptee's birth. Some year groups are large because not many adoptees or birthparents from that time are searching. Other year groups are large because many are! Go to that page and read away.

If you are not sure of the adoptee's year of birth, search the most likely year group. If the adoptee was born sometime between 1958 and 1961, you will have more than one to search. Conversely, the adoptee will know the year of birth (most likely!) but relatives may not, so adoptees should look at surrounding years to be sure they are not missing a possible match.

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The gavel came down twice for us to be separated from our lost family member. The first time was when the birthparents' rights were terminated and the child relinquished. The second time was when the adoptee's adoption to the new family was finalized, changing their names and sealing their true histories forever without their consent, and never to be reversed, even when they became adults.

Can you name even one other transaction where two parties make an agreement concerning a third party, and that party has NO SAY?

Can you honestly think most birthparents don't want to know their offspring is alive and well?

Until Pennsylvania figures out the majority want truth in adoption, this registry will remain to serve the people whose lives have been affected by the state's antiquated and assumptive laws.

Sadly, registries like this are not a substitute for truth or for a real birth certificate. Did you know the birth certificates of adoptees in Pennsylvania are falsified (tactfully called "ammended" by the state) so it is possible that you are adopted and don't know it? People like this will not know to register. Dead people don't register. People not online will not be able to use this registry. Nor will this registry definitely work for adoptees whose birth information was falsified. All we can do is try and hope.

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