Are You Online?

Here's some helpful sites if you're doing your search online for a person lost through adoption in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Adoption Message Board

This site will show you a few thousand searches of people looking for one another and responding to help each other. Thousands of posts are here from birthparents, lost siblings, and adoptees.

You can add your own post or respond to the searches of others. It's free, and it's all Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Search Menu

How do I search in PA? What am I entitled to and where can I go for info or search help? How can my agency or county Orphans' Court where the adoption was finalized help me? Where are support groups and good registries to try? What does an adoption decree or relinquishment papers look like?

Learn your way around the Keystone state by reading this site all about search in PA.


How would you like to get and send e-mail to people helping one another search in Pennsylvania? You can by joining PAFind, an email search and support mailing list which has been witness to 100 reunions annually. There is no non-adoption-related material on this list.

It's a rare thing to be among people who really "get it" but now you can ask your question, state your feelings, or discuss legislation on adoption related issues in Pennsylvania. Come on out of the closet (as far out as you want) and tell us who you seek, about relinquishing your child, about dealing with adoptive parents or friends who do or don't understand your needs.

PAFind is a cyberhome to birthparents, adoptees and siblings who like a forum where they can see they are not alone in search and who want to help others where they can.