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How to Control Your List Mail

Why should I care about a Yahoo ID?

It's a very good idea to get a Yahoo ID. While it's not neccessary to have one to be on our mailing list, having one has advantages.

If you have a Yahoo ID you can:

read your list mail and send posts to the list from the group website here. In this way, you do not have to use your mailbox for reading and sending.

make changes immediately when you want them. If you need to go make changes like these:

-"No email" (no list mail is sent to your mailbox until you ask otherwise, good for vacations)
-"Daily digest" (where all the day's postings are in one big easy-to-read email, also good for vacation)
-"Individual emails" (where you receive each posting as soon as it's distributed)
-"Unsubscribe" (when you choose to leave the list on a permanent basis)

easily switch the email address at which you receive and send your listmail.

If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you can only control your listmail by mail commands (below), and may find changing your email address impossible. If you want to make some changes and cannot figure out how, you then become reliant on the help of the list owner, to whom you should write privately. Like you, the list owner may not be on every day, or may go on vacation, so be aware your request may get done sooner if you retain control by using your Yahoo ID.

Having a Yahoo ID empowers you to control your listmail and make needed changes in a jiffy!

Making changes with a Yahoo ID
(and getting one!)

If you're already on our list, here's how to get a Yahoo ID:

-Go to or use this link.

-Choose (upper left) "Click here to register." (Whether you are new to YahooGroups or not- as long as you do not yet have a Yahoo ID, you're considered "new".)

-Fill out the form and hit "submit".

-When you're done, on the new screen that comes up, look to the upper left. You'll see "Use our Membership Wizard to locate your groups". Click it.

-Follow the steps and before you know it, you'll not only have a Yahoo ID, but it will be associated with your PAFind membership, so now you can do stuff at our website!

So now I've got one, what do I do?

Well, what do you want to do? To make changes to your listmail, you have to choose PAFind from the left margin, so do that.

From the upper left, now choose "Edit My Membership".

Now you're on the "control page" for your membership and can make any changes you want to. Here's where you can alter-

Email Address
•Choose the email address that you would like group messages sent to. (Or add a new one!)

Message Delivery
•Choose how you want to get your listmail:

-Individual emails. Send individual email messages.
-Daily digest. Send many emails in one message.
-Special notices. Only send me important update emails from the group moderator. (We have yet to send any "special notices" though.)
-No email. Don't send me email, I'll read the messages at the Web site.

Message Format
•Choose whether you want clean, plain text, or if you want colors and stationery to show up. (Remember, even small graphics take up more space in your mailbox! Most people opt for plain-text messages.)
-Convert to HTML. Convert plain-text messages sent to me to HTML.
-Do not convert to HTML. Don't change the format of messages sent to me.
(Note: The HTML format allow you to see colors and graphics in your messages.)

Go to the bottom and click "Save changes." All done!

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What if I don't have a Yahoo ID?

Please take 5 minutes and get one by following the instructions above! That small investment will give you total PAFind listmail control.

It's your call, but without a Yahoo ID, you are limiting your options and if you get stuck, you'll have to write the listowner privately for help (in order not to be rude to all the subscribers by posting your problem to the list).

With or without a Yahoo ID, you can control elementary list functions on your own. You do that through-

Mail Commands

That's nothing more than sending a blank email to a specific address to get a specific function. No one sees it except the list robot which carries out the command. For this to work, you must send your blank email from the address that you are subscribed with, so the robot "recognizes" you as a group member and does what you want. If you send it from another address it won't know what to do.

To get what you want, send a blank email to the address given-

The speed of Yahoo's servers will determine how quickly your command takes effect, but it is generally within a few hours.

Other stuff you'll want:

The main page for YahooGroups is or click here.

The page for our PAFind group is or click here.

The Pennsylvania Adoption Search Menu is here.

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