Pike County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

2001 response

Postmarked May 13, 2001

A note on the bottom of the original letter of inquiry from:

Joyce Z. Helms
Prothonotary and Clerk of the Courts
Clerk of the Orphans’ Court
Pike County Court House
412 Broad Street
Milford, PA 18337-15222

Please be advised that all adoption records in Pike County are sealed. Access is only possible by Petition to the Court, which must be presented in person on regularly scheduled “Motions and Petitions” days as shown on enclosed court schedule.

[Note: On the enclosed Court Calendar it appears that “Motions and Petitions” days are each Tuesday. The President Judge is the Honorable Harold A. Thomson, Jr. and the Court Administrator is Colleen Kellam.]

1999 response

2/25/99 Unsigned response from Pike County

In Pike County, Pa, no adoption record or any information is available to the public or to any other person involved in the adoption or the adoptees themselves without a formal petition to the Court (must be presented in person to the Court) and subsequent order of the court. All adoption files are sealed and security of same is strictly enforced.

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