Philadelphia County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

2005 Update from a searching adoptee:

First, adoptees need to send Joy a letter requesting non-id information with their names, DOB, and adoptive parents full names, then she'll send a questionaire which needs to be notarized and sent back to her with a check for $ 50. She said she will then send any non-id info she has.

Joy can also do a full search for an additional $ 150.

Biological parents should file a waiver with her office so searching adoptees may have their birthparents' info released to them.

2-26-99 Response from Joy H. O'Neill, Search Administrator, Court Of Common Pleas

Family Division, Adoption Branch, 1801 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 686-4194

Please be advised that an adoptee whose adoption was finalized in Philadelphia county must forward their request for such information to the undersigned at the above address to Room 304-A. Their request must include their adoptive parents' full names and the adoptee's date of birth. There is no fee for this service.

Upon receiving the adoptee's request, we will forward a Search Request Questionnaire which is to be completed and returned to us. The adoptee may indicate on the questionnaire if they wish non-identifying information only or if they wish us to attempt contact with the biological parent.

If contact is established, we will ascertain if the biological parent wishes direct contact or if at the very least, will provide an updated medical history. If all parties are agreeable to a reunion, we will be happy to facilitate one in our office. If distance is a problem, we would suggest that the biological parent complete an authorization permitting us to furnish their identifying information to the adoptee.

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