PATicker - where you can watch Pennsylvania adoption searches as they come in daily

What's PATicker?

A ticker is a small item with changing messages that many people have on their computers so they can watch news or stock markets. Many people work and simply allow a ticker to just run all day so they can glance at it from time to time and see what's up.

PATicker is a handmade version where the messages are customized to reflect current Pennsylvania adoption searches. The ticker's internals make updating new info as it comes in easier than managing an entire website... and marking searches "found" when a search is over.

To make it work, you only need to manually shrink down this page to the ticker screen at the bottom of this page, and then drag it to some unobtrusive spot on your screen, like a lower corner. (Directions below.)

The PATicker is designed to always be the "top" window on your screen, so even if you have a bunch of windows going at one time, it can't get buried out of sight.

If you've never manipulated a Window size, try this:

1- First, kill any pop-up advertising windows that come up with this page. Now, in the upper right corner, click the tiny square that shows a picture of 2 squares - this will reduce the size of this page's window.

2- Slide your mouse's cursor over one vertical edge til the arrow becomes an arrow with two points then LEFT CLICK and pull it to one side to make the window even smaller.

3- Do the same thing with a top or bottom edge, making the window small top to bottom.

4- Keep diddling with it til it's as small as can be but still showing you the scrolling text.

5- Put your mouse's cursor on the dark top stripe across the window, LEFT CLICK on it an then pull it off to one side or the bottom so it's out of your way and you can work while it runs in your peripheral view.

The PATicker Screen

If you want to stop the scrolling, just touch the screen with your mouse!

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Other stuff you'll want:

The page for our PAFind group is or click here.

The Pennsylvania Adoption Search Menu is here.

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1997-present. Click for disclaimer and additional copyright information.

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