Ready to "retrieve" a part of your past? Getting serious about looking for your peace of mind... and maybe theirs?


Maybe you're ready.

If you are like most adoptees and birthparents, you have never forgotten the person in your past that you lost through adoption. You have probably weighed the merits of searching and not searching. You don't want to intrude, you don't want to be rejected. Still, what if someone wonderful is out there? How about that health history to be shared? And what if your ending is not storybook, it might be an improvement over the wondering... and it would still be YOUR truth.

If you think you are ready to search, if you know a resolution might beat NO resolution, and if you want a crash course in how to search from people who have done it here in Pennsylvania, maybe you are ready for PAFind, the search list for people separated by adoption in PA.

Our list is comprised of an almost even mix of birthparents and adoptees, with a fair number of siblings too. We discuss search, legislation, and share feelings, and we all know what you are dealing with. Many of us are still searching, many of us have found. And of those, many have stayed after reunion to help new people ready to search with ideas or just plain human support.

There's no "junk" or solicitation our list- just adoption related posts- search info, requests for help, good websites, and news about adoption in Pennsylvania- and where pertinent, other states too.

Do you think you're ready?

If you are prepared to face just about any eventuality, then maybe you are ready for PAFind. We're not here to sell you on search, but if you need to know you made a good effort, than maybe this is where you should be- among people who want to and can help.

PA doesn't make it easy to search and not everyone will find. But many people do and nothing will make your day like opening up your mail and seeing "I FOUND!" sitting there. It is tangible reminder of what can happen and gives us all hope and inspiration. And you can be there to share in the excitement, support the saddened, and encourage those still looking. And you can get all this back if only you ask.

So, if you're ready...

then please come join us. When you sign up you will be sent a search questionaire which will be privately databased by the listowner, and then sent some search ideas to get you started. Be patient please- a human has to do this to do the best to help you. Click here to join PAFind. This should take you to our sign up page, which will say "PAFind" right on it. Look to the right for the sign-up link.

We're ready. Hope to see you soon.

Find out what Pennsylvania does and doesn't do for searchers. PA State and Search Info Page

Why should I care about the Uniform Adoption Act (UAA)? Well, it would make searching ILLEGAL for starters...
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