Working a list of people born on a given date is tedious but it can work.  If not, you're out only $30.  Any list you buy is only going to tell you where the person is *now* not where they were born, so unless you know they went a particular place or county, you'd probably want to start by sorting the list to give priority to PA  people and work outwards from there to surrounding areas if need be.  A few adoptees kept their birth first names too, so if you know it or get it, you might prioritize those as well.  In PA, you're likely to get a list of 2 to 300, and then you'll also have the other states too.  You may want to do letters or phone calls to the list possibilities.  Some ideas for that are at http://rombergers.tripod.com/phoneletters.html

Here's your caveat- there is not a list in existence that will be totally complete, though some of many of our list siblings have found this way.  You will obviously be out of luck if your searched for person has died, left the country, or somehow evaded being recorded on various lists.  If you don't have much info to work with, however, and especially if you are a birthparent or sibling it may be your best or even only route and not a huge financial risk.

The deal summarized by the company reads "New! List of all males or females in our database born on a specific date.  Comma-delimited file emailed for $30.00. Email date and gender to support @ameridex.com   Note: You do not have to have an account with Ameridex to do this search.  There may be a limit on the number of times you can request a search."  

There are other companies that offer this type of list, but I have not seen it at this price elsewhere.  I have never heard of anyone having any problems with this company in terms of getting spam or credit card abuse.  They have been around some years and seem to be quite ok.



If the addy you're switching to is not already part of your Yahoogroups account:
Log in to http://www.yahoogroups.com
Got to "My Groups" (upper right)
Go to "E mail preferences"
(Upper left) Click on Add/Edit email address

and add your new addy to your account.  YahooGroups will send you a note basically checking that it's a working address.  Once you have that, do what it says to verify that it's working.

If the addy you want to switch to is already part of your profile, then all you have to do is go to "My Groups" then "Edit my groups" and use the drop-down boxes to pick the address for each group that you want to change to.  Then hit "save changes".

I *think* that should do it, but please remind me to check for you in case I have to send a reactivation notice.  Hope that's it!  :-)

Have a good one-





I was looking at internal list logs and saw you had tried to post.  All it said was :

     Bounced post: No plain text parts 

What's happening is that you tried to send something to the list that wasn't plain text.  That was to stop possible virus-spreading.

Here's an explanation and a website to help you switch your email program to plain text.  Hope this helps and you can get thru ok, let me know if you hit any problems!



Yahoogroups, stripping attachments and Rich Text/HTML emails

[Question] I am a member of a group at Yahoo and I tried to post a message and Yahoo stripped it or rejected it, said I couldn't post HTML messages but I didn't, what's going on?

[Answer] A couple things are happening, first the group is set to strip attachments, second you posted a message either in rich text format (RTF) or HTML and it didn't include a plain text part.

When you send a message in true plain text, there's only one part to it, the plain text of your message. But when you send a message in rich text or HTML, most email programs or webmail interfaces send the message in two parts, one plain text part and one rich text/HTML part. On lists that strip attachments, Yahoo sees the rich text/HTML part as an attachment and removes it. If your email program or webmail interface didn't send a plain text part, then there's nothing left to post to the list once the rich text/HTML is removed.

To prevent Yahoo from stripping or rejecting your messages to groups, check the options for your email program or webmail interface and set it to send in plain text only. 

For more specific instructions on all kinds of email programs, check out the How to Post in Plain Text website at http://www.expita.com/nomime.html (scroll down to your mail provider)



Hi -

Good to get your note. Nope, I didn't forget you or your PAFind membership, and I am sorry to have taken this long to get back with you.  We had a technical mess on our hands, or rather I did and it finally seems resolved, but I couldn't see dumping new members into it while it was happening.  People with perfectly good and working addresses were having problems getting listmail- it would bounce and then YahooGroups would shut them off and I'd have to help them get reactivated.  Then others were bouncing- it was like it wouldn't stop, but it finally seems to have settled.  I am hoping this was a one-time nightmare!  Anyhow, that's the cause of the delay- and as a result- when I put your membership thru in a second- when you get some automatically-sent files to help you with search and the list, one of them is about what to do if your PAFind mail stops coming!  Now we're getting pro-active. 

The state has 2 registries you can use - info is at http://rombergers.tripod.com/index.html there will be more in the files I am sending.  Don't miss http://www.isrr.net this is the biggie (free, but send donation if you can).

Please read and save the files- though they won't all apply to you this very second, odds are good you'll need them at some future point.  As soon as you're comfy, please post your search and introduce yourself to our listmembers- it's the only way to get your search out there, and it may lead to some help or hellos too.

Take good care and see you on the list-





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Gretchen (her post Altoona area) (note) (note)



Nancy (Nancy Smith in NM, hubby Dale, uses Poco mail)

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Received: from [] <===these 3 are yahoogroups ip
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These first nine digits come up for many WebTV users