Yet More Registries!

Philosophical babbling (skip if you want) - If the number of registries out there keeps increasing, all it can ultimately do is make search more difficult because there are just more places to search and post. And while searching and posting is a basic and easy way to feel active in your search, there is such a thing as spending too much time doing it. Sometimes you have to get off the net. Sometimes you have to stop being passive ("I'll just make myself available to be found") and be brave and get out there, search, and finally ask the question "Would you like to know each other?".

It's for this reason that I personally advocate the use of the most major registries. I understand the desire to be "helpful" by providing another site, but wonder if we all pulled together if we might not all experience better results. This is why most adoption searchers with experience all say "Use the ISRR first!". This is the world's biggest free registry, and if we ALL go there first- we'll ALL have a better shot! Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to them to get your free form. They are at I.S.R.R. P.O. Box 2312 Carson City, Nevada 89702-2312. Send a donation if you can- they are all volunteer!

That being said- for some folks with little to go on, ones who have exhausted every means they have, hit the ISRR, the agency, the attorney, the county, the state Bureau of Vital Stats, and web-run state registries and message boards - sometimes registries are an ONLY hope, in which case, if all else has been ruled out, this may be the way to go.

Below is a long list of registries that has been circulating around the net. Unlike other sites with which I have more familiarity, these are less known to me, but they are offered here to use at your option and risk, as is all info on this site. If any of these sites are affiliated with a for-profit company, I do not know that, and I do not recommend ANY registry that charges. Good luck!

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International Registration Day, 1999

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http://www.angelfire. com/on/linelinks/boards.html

New York Resources

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Our Album Page

Tennessee Black Market Adoption Information


Adoption Search

Birthline Birth Registry - Research Etc. Adoption Search Specialists Scottsdale

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State Specific Adoption Registries

Florida Online Family Finders

Birth Search National Registry

Geministwo's Home Page

Korean American Adoptees Page


Adoptees Searching for Birth Mother / Families and Birth Mothers Searching for

LDS Adoption Search Board/Registry

Gina's Adoption Page

N. GEORGIA Reunion Registry

Cole babies Cole Baby Adoption Registry

Free and Unmoderated Adoption Reunion Registry


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