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Hi and welcome! This is the new home of the Adoption Message Board of Pennsylvania. Our old home died when Inside the Web went out of business. All the searches were saved and will be re-posted publicly over time- there's a lot so be patient please, and add your search here and now if you wish.



To view and use the board you will have to use the password. It is the word "find" (without quotation marks).

You MUST put the date, place of birth, and sex for the adoptee in your subject line- as best as you know in any case. Vague subjects like "Searching", "ISO birthmother" and "looking for my son" don't get read! Headlines like "ISO my daughter, 5-24-66, Williamsport PA" or "Male adoptee 3-5-72 seeks birth sister" DO get read, so maximize your chances and be specific!

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1. The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the largest, oldest, and most successful reunion registry in the world. It is FREE and run by volunteers. It is not maintained on the web. To get a registration form, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: ISRR, P.O. Box 2312, Carson City, NV, 89702-2312. You can also print out a form from their website here.

2. The Pennsylvania Adoption Reunion Registry is a big, FREE, volunteer-maintained, mutual consent registry serving PA triad members. This registry is for you if you were adopted in PA, terminated parental rights in PA, or adopted a child in PA. For info on how to get a form, e-mail your request by clicking on this mail link.

3. The state of Pennsylvania offers two registries, neither of which are highly successful, and which are apparently not funded for any promotion. No one seems to know they exist. Still, they are all the state offers, so you should try these official vehicles. One is from the BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS. You can only register if you are a b-parent. If you are an adoptee, you can only ask if your b-parents registered and it costs four bucks every time you ask. Just because you asked once does not mean you will be alerted when your b-parents register- you will not be told. The onus is on you to keep checking back in case your b-parents filed in the meantime. Take the shot. Call the Bureau for instructions on inquiries and filing the forms at (724) 656-3100.

The other registry PA has is a HEALTH REGISTRY. It's not for reunion- it's to pass on medical history to adoptees. This is another great concept that doesn't seem to be working because nobody knows about it. It's a voluntary registry that allows adoptees the luxury of their health histories IF their b-parents heard of it and if they are motivated enough to follow through by reporting health issues to it. If you want to get information on the health registry, call 1-800-227-0225 or write to: Hillcrest, 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 2675, Harrisburg, PA 17105.

4. The Pittsburgh Adoption Connection maintains a STATEWIDE registry of over 3000 searching registrants. To receive a form, e-mail here.

5. You should sign up with the Adoptee Search Center. You can visit their site here. The registrant contact information is maintained offline, but you can register online right now.

6. Adoption Forum also maintains a registry, mostly PA, but some from the tri-state area. To use it you will fill out their membership form, but you do not have to join- however, joining will bring the value of being part of a large and noticeable consumer group and there is validity in that! Regardless, if you go here, you can get a form to mail or fax in- address and fax number are at the top.

7. One of the biggest registries on the web is the World Wide Registry. They send their registrant info to many places so it's good exposure for your search.

8. If you want other registries on the web to try, go here.

9. These two following sites are not registries, but the site owners get a lot of traffic and they send out any searches they get to lots of mailing lists- so both offer excellent exposure for your search. Check out Deitrah's Search Posts and Rema's Search and Reunion Guestbook. Be sure you go back and look at their main pages too!

10. Some PA adoptions crossed borders. If you think you may have been involved in such a birth and it involved Delaware, check out this page of info and a registry. Another spot to get started on NJ, DE search is here.

11. You can't post, but another list of searches to check is located here.


Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education Links


PAFind EMAIL LIST - a FREE e-mail list of PA searchers helping one another.

STATE REGISTRIES AND POLITICS - Why neither are helping PA searchers much.

RELINQUISHMENT PAPERS - Like to see an example of PA relinquishment papers?

YOUR OLD AGENCY - Backtrack here for possible help in search.

COUNTY OF FINALIZATION - Some county specific info. You need to find this out and it may not be where you think.

THE DECREE - Adoptee is adopted in the county of finalization, records now sealed. Want to see a decree?

FORMAL PETITION - Learn how some counties make it a bit harder.

NON-ID - Learn what it is, and how to ask for it.

WAIVERS OF CONFIDENTIALITY - File them! Birthparents, this could be the big key in your search especially!

PA ADOPTION LAW - the easy version or the actual wording.

ADOPTION GROUPS - known in PA that handle search, support, legislation or all three.

SEARCH BASICS - In addition to this whole menu, here's a list of ways to search and try to be found.

PHONE CALL AND LETTER IDEAS - When you are close to making that respectful first contact.

SEARCH SUCKS! I NEED A *@$#! BREAK! - Take one, pal.

HIRING A SEARCHER OR PI? - Caveat emptor! Read some parameters and cautions.

THE UNIFORM ADOPTION ACT or UAA - Learn more about "The Evil Act". Coming to PA or your state?

CITY PAPER - Coverage of adoption search, law and the UAA in PA.

PERSONAL ESSAY - on adoption with info for all sides of the triad.

REGISTRIES AND GENERAL (NON-PA) ADOPTION STUFF - links to varied good places.

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