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David Grey's World Wide Registry

Adoptee Search Center - the biggest free registry on the web not affiliated with a for-profit company for all triad members,

J. Light's Adoption Search Links
Rachel's Adoption Links
Adoptee's Internet Mailing List
Tigger's Haven/Adoption Links/Birthmother Info
Adoptee's Resources Homepage
Adoption/Adoptee Links Page
Adoptionopoly - The Board Game You Play in the Dark
Doug Henderson's Guide to Adoption Acronyms
Adoption Internet Newsgroups, Bulletin Boards, and Mailing Lists
Dymentia's Adoption Links
The Difference - Cool site from Canadian Adoptee and Birthmother.
Jason Englander's Adoption, Geneology and Search Links
Southern Lady's Adoptee-Birthparent Search Links
Health, peace of mind, and open records in PA. Why not?
Amy's Search and Reunion
Kincaid's Pages/New Mexico Search Info
Petition for Open Adoption Records
Ms. Fran's Page/Search Resources
Catholic Charities Relinquished Registry


Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education Links

Click here to go to the Pennsylvania Search Main Menu Page
Click here to join PA Find- a FREE e-mail list of PA searchers helping one another.
Pennsylvania Adoption Message Board - Post and Search!
Read up on the two state registries, which don't really solve anything but are all we have.
Backtrack to your old agency for possible help in search.
Why is your county of finalization important and a source of info?
The decree is issued in the county of finalization (where adoptee went to) - want to see one?
Learn how some counties make it a bit harder.
Like to see an example of PA relinquishment papers?
Here's a list of PA Adoption Search/Support Groups.
Learn what non-id is, and how to ask for it.
File those waivers of confidentiality!
Here's a list of Search Basics.
Read PA adoption law - the easy version or the actual wording.
Click here when you know that SEARCH SUCKS and it's time to take a *@$#! break!.
Caveat emptor! Read some cautions in hiring a searcher!
Learn more about the UAA (Uniform Adoption Act)- "The Evil Act"- coming to PA or your state?
Philadelphia's City Paper covers adoption law and the UAA in PA.
Click here to read a personal essay on adoption with info for all sides of the triad.

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