Lackawanna County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

1999- no response.

2001 response

Linda Munley 
Register of Wills 
Lackawanna County Courthouse 
200 North Washington Avenue 
Scranton, PA  18503 
Phone: 570-963-6702 
Fax:  570-963-6377 

(This is the “form” letter received in response to request for 

It is my understanding that you are interested in learning information 
regarding your biological parents. Lackawanna County Orphans’ Court has 
established procedures to handle such requests.  The following outlines those 
procedures.  If you file a petition and the Court approves it, you are 
entitled to non-identifying information (e.g., nationality, religion etc.) 
from the file, provided it is available in the file.  If you are interested 
in receiving this information,  please fill out the enclosed PETITION FOR 
RELEASE OF LIMITED INFORMATION and mail it with a check for $50.00 made 
payable to “Clerk of Orphans’ Court.” 

In addition, if you wish to initiate a search for the birthparents to obtain 
their consent to release their identity, the PETION FOR RELEASE OF 
IDENTIFYING INFORMATION must be completed and filed.  The fee for this 
service is $150.00. 

If you are requesting release of both Limited and Identifying Information 
complete both petitions and forward with a check in the amount of $150.00 to 
“Clerk of the Orphans’ Court.” 

Please understand that legal obligations of confidentiality prevent me from 
doing anything other than what has already been stated.  Please feel free to 
call if you have any questions regarding the petitions or the procedure. 


Linda Munley 
Register of Wills 

Enclosed was a: 
Petition for Release of Limited Information 
Petition for release of Identifying Information 
Consent to disclose information (filed by birthparent) 
Information about the Pennsylvania Adoption Medical History Registry 

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