Dick, Susan's Birth Father
and some of his family

The logo on Dick's racing car 1957-1958, "Little Sputnik".

Dick, 1956, in Navy uniform.

1957 Tri-State Champ.

Dick in 1958 with his crew cheif.

Due to sealed legal adoption records in Pennsylvania, Susan was not able to find her birth parents for many years. When she first met Joan, her birth mother, Joan still had this photo of Dick. It is the first picture of her birth father Susan ever saw.

In 1969, ground was broken for Pocono Raceway, and here's Dick with two baby foxes found then. He was appointed superintendent and race director of the proposed multi-faceted complex, which would boast a 2.5-mile super speedway, a 3/4-mile oval and road courses. The raceway would be constructed in the Pennsylvania mountains. The three-cornered track, which Dick helped to design, was unique to NASCAR Winston Cup Racing. Each of the straightaways had a different length and radius.

Dick in the "Living Legends of Auto Racing" parade before the Daytona 500, 1998.

Dick in Australia, 2000.

Dick, 2000.

Dick and Susan at dinner at the Eagleville Hotel, 2000.

(After a lifelong interest in still photography, video, and TV camerawork, Dick is now an avid phtographer who works with digital images- so pictures of him were NOT hard to get! Thanks!)

Some of Dick's family

Dick's mother, Susan's biological grandmother, a lovely feisty lady with a love of tigers.

Dick's grandmother (on his mom's side), Susan's biological great-grandmother.

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