Ravi and Susan's Family

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Ravi and Susan

Ravi's Family

Ravi's father's family hails from a district on the border of the Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, an area known as Gulbarga. Ravi's mom, Vaihini, was raised in Hyderabad, a large city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Her oldest daughter, Nanda lives there now with her husband Uday and daughter Richa.

Most of Ravi's brothers and sisters grew up in the state of Karnataka, in the town of Bangalore. Bangalore was called "Pensioner's Paradise" by the Brits who chose to retire there for its favorable climate. Now Bangalore is a bustling city leading India's hi-tech revolution. Ravi's sister Sandhya, her husband Anil and son Varun live there now.

Eldest brother Avinash lives just outside of the large port city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in a town called Virar with his wife Vaiju, son Aditya, and the matriarch of the family, Ravi's mom Vaihini. Avi also often has to be away to work as a physician in the village of Bira.

Hema, Ravi's sister, a teacher, married Ravishanker, and so moved to Chennai where he owns and runs a cybercafe.

Ravi, Raju, and Rahul all now live in the US, in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle respectively.


Ravi's mom, Vaihini

Ravi's family when the kids were young

Ravi's oldest brother, Avinash's family, with his wife Vaiju and son Aditya

Ravi's oldest sister, Nanda's family, with husband Uday and daughter Richa

Ravi's sister Hema and her husband, Ravishanker

Ravi's sister Sandhya's family, with husband Anil and son Varun

Ravi's brother, Raju

Ravi's brother, Rahul's family, with wife Uma, son Nikhil, and daughter Nayha

Susan's Family

Susan's father's family was from Harrisburg originally until his grandfather Daniel, a school principal, moved to Allentown. His mother's family goes back to Red Hill, where great-grandma Susan Dietrich is from. Susan's daughter, Fay, was his mother, and his father was Gilbert.

Susan's mother's family is from Allentown (mom's father) and MacAdoo (mom's mother). Allentown is the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania. MacAdoo is a small town in "upstate" Pennsylvania in the coal regions. Susan's grandma's mother, Cora Ellen wanted her daughters to marry well, so she successfully urged her husband to move to Allentown, a town of prosperous businessmen.

Susan's parents, Gilbert and Lucille, most often called Lucy and Gil, grew up in Allentown and still live there, friends with people they have known since school days. Her father, now retired, owned his own cast-stone business for many years, and also worked in the textile industry. He has enjoyed boating in his Grumman sportcanoe with the 6 HP engine in back, fishing, and the outdoors in general. Her mother worked as a secretary and home maker, and enjoys flower arrangement, reading, and doing crossword puzzles. As a family, they all traveled a bit, summers at the New Jersey shore, New England by motorhome, and some fall weekends on a lake in Reeders, Pennsylvania, a small town in the Pocono mountains.

Like her parents, Susan grew up in Allentown too. Formerly an industrial city with Mack Trucks, Bethlehem Steel, Pennsylvania Power and Light, Western Electric/AT&T, Allentown is now redefining its economy and focusing on service businesses. Allentown used to be a fairly provincial town of Pennsylvania Dutch people (descendents of German settlers) but its ethnic profile is becoming very mixed now, due to its proximity to New York City. NYC pays people on welfare to move out of the city, so many come here. Also, many professional people who work in NYC have realized that Allentown is a pleasant place to live and commutable by long drive or short train ride, so the real estate values have skyrocketed.


Susan's Family

Susan's Birth Family

Susan was originally born to parents who at the time were unable to keep and raise her, so from the age of two and a half months she was raised by her new family in Allentown. Her birth parents were from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a small town called Collegeville.

At the age of twenty, after a two and a half year search and with the blessing of her adopted family, she found her original family. In addition to gaining understanding of from whom and where she came, she received new family history, medical information, and peace of mind. She established relationships with her birth mother and birth father, and some of her original grandparents and siblings.

Her birth father, Dick, a former sales manager, entrepreneur, auto racer, and father of three more children, is retired but still active in the world of automobile racing. Her birthmother, Joan, a mother of three other children later in life, died of a rare cancer (coreocarcinoma) at age 51.

She counts her birth mother's children, Betsy, Donna and Morgan among her best friends and feels lucky to now have some siblings!


Susan's birth mother, Joan

Susan's birth father, Dick, and some of his family

Susan and her sibs on her birth mother's side

Susan's birth sister, Betsy, and her husband Mike

Susan's birth sister Donna, her husband Paul, and baby, Little Paul

Susan's birth brother, Morgan, and his wife Nicole and son, Chris

"So how's the weather there?"

Sandhya, Anil and Varun
Bangalore Forecast for Sandhya, Anil and Varun

Vahini, Avi, Vaiju, and Aditya
Mumbai (Bombay) Forecast for Vahini, Avi, Vaiju, and Aditya

Hema and Ravishanker
Chennai (Madras) Forecast for Hema and Ravishanker

Nanda, Uday and Richa
Hyderabad Forecast for Nanda, Uday and Richa

Gil and Lucy
Allentown, Pennsylvania Forecast for Gil and Lucy

Ravi and Susan
Chatsworth, California Forecast for Ravi and Susan

Dick, during winter
Daytona Beach, Florida Forecast for Dick

Minneapolis, Minnesota Forecast for Raju

Dick, and our lonely house back in PA
Norristown, Pennsylvania Forecast for Dick, and for our lonely house back in PA

Rahul, Uma, Nikhil and Nayha
Seattle, Washington Forecast for Rahul, Uma, Nikhil and Nayha

The three families of 1)Betsy and Mike and (soon-to-be nephew, Benjamin Thomas, due around 12/18/01), 2) Donna, Paul and Little Paul, and 3)Morgan, Nicole and Chris
New Castle, Delaware Forecast for the three families of 1)Betsy and Mike and (soon-to-be nephew, Benjamin Thomas, due around 12/18/01), 2) Donna and Paul and Little Paul, and 3)Morgan and Nicole and Chris

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