Cumberland County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

3-5-99 response from Becky Brandt, Cumberland County Courthouse

NOTE: Becky telephoned prior to responding to inquiry letter of 2-15-99 to verify the information requested so that she was sure to answer appropriately.

Information needed for an adoption search by the Adoptee in the Court of Common Pleas of Cumberland County, PA.

Please write a letter addressed to the President Judge, but mail to Cumberland County Court Administrator's Office at Cumberland County Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Square, Carlisle, PA 17013. You will need to supply as much information as you can that is listed below in order for us to locate your file.

Your birth date Your current name (maiden name if applicable) Your adopting parent's names Your name before adoption (if known) Name of the judge that signed the adoption decree Year you were adopted (or close to - within a couple of years) If this is for a medical search or for contact with your natural parents (basically the reason you want your file opened) Your current phone number and address

In Cumberland County, we do allow a birth mother to birth relative to put a letter in the file with identifying information so if the adoptee requests that their file be opened the information is there if they wish to contact them. We have never had a situation (that I know of) where the adoptee puts a waiver in their file. In normal circumstances, when the adoptee requests that their file be opened in order to find their natural parents, we try to locate them and make contact to see if the natural parent(s) would like to meet them.

There is not a fee involved.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me, Becky Brandt at (717) 240- 6200

NOTE: Becky specifically noted that a LETTER is all they need. There is NO need for a formal petition to be filed. They accept a letter as an informal petition.

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