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PAFind is a mailing list for people separated by adoption in Pennsylvania who are searching for lost family members.

This forum is private and intended to provide search help, support, ideas, and information pertaining to adoption, legislation, and search. Members must be over 18 and understand that they alone are responsible for their searches. At the end of a search, the reunion acceptance rate is reported to be about 95%, assuming respect and caution are utilized. Despite this, YOU assume all liability associated with your search. Neither the list owner nor the list members assume this. You're an adult, accept this responsibility if you want to join. Our members are very cool and helpful people and we want to keep this a safe a friendly environment so people can speak their hearts without fear.

If you have not been on a mailing list before, you should know that you will receive mail- currently it runs at about 10 to 30 pieces daily. It will be from people sharing experiences, asking for help, celebrating a reunion, passing along updates, educating us on legislation that affects those in adoption, and asking for legwork in a place where they cannot get to personally. You are at liberty to read, delete, or respond to what you read. If you have a heart, take a second and write to that person having a lousy day with their search, write a private congratulatory note to the person who just found, or go do some searching for that person who just posted that they found a NAME to search with. And of course, you can send your questions or feelings to the listmembers and see what responses you get as well.

You agree as a member that all information and messages remain confidential and that you will not use list members' addresses for any other purpose than what they request. Anyone found to be soliciting list members will be promptly unsubscribed.

Subscriptions will not be accepted from people who are known trouble-makers from other lists, people who do not fill out the form below honestly and completely, people who do not have a genuine interest in PA, and people who come on the list apparently solely to promote a particular agenda or political cause. Sorry to seem tough, but this is for the protection of our listmembers. Anyone perceived to be doing any of this will be unsubscribed.

If you are uncomfortable will any of this, please note two things: 1) Whether you join the list or not, there is ample advice about searching in PA on the Pennsylvania Adoption Search Menu and the Adoption Message Board of PA. 2) This forum is private and run by one volunteer for over 200 very sweet members, and the list owner can and will use personal discretion. We have all worked too hard together to put up with nonsense. We have searches to do.

The information you send below is seen privately by only the listowner and is stored in an offline database. This is primarily intended as reference in the even of a possible match.

Since its inception in June of 1998, PAFind has seen over 100 reunions happen. We hope yours will be next.

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