Butler County Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

2001 response

In response to your request for information-

Our procedures follow the law regarding disclosure of non-identifying information for adult adoptees & include the following:

* All inquiries must be made in writing * Inquiries are addressed to:

The Honorable Marilyn J. Horan
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
Butler County Government Center
POB 1208
Butler PA 16003-1208

Upon receipt of request:
Judge checks with us to determine if file exists in our County Judge provides applicant with proper Petition/forms to be filed to initiate the process

When proper Petition/forms have been filed & filing fee paid, Judge: Orders file Responds according to what has been sought (non-identifying info or/appointment of search agent)

Current Fees:

Petition for Non-Identifying information $ 50
Petition for Appointment of Search Agent $ 200

Under PA law, biological parents/adult adoptees may file updated personal info sheets at any time. Waivers may also be filed with the Judge for inclusion in the file. No one except the Judge may unseal any of the files.

Albeit brief, I hope this helps. I will be attending our statewide regional meetings tomorrow & Wednesday. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me after that.

Judy Moser, M.S.
Butler County Register of Wills & Clerk OC
Voice 724.284.5348
Fax 724.284.5278

1999 response

2-23-99 from Michele Ogin, phone (724) 284-5351

All adoption inquiries must go through Judge Marilyn J. Horan. The Adoptee must write to the Judge and explain the reasons behind the search. It is she who makes the determination if the records can be brought forward to her and looked at. She is the only one who looks at the records and makes the determination if there is any non-identifying information. If she feels there is good reason for the search, a Petition for Disclosure of Non- Identifying Adoption Information will be sent to the Adoptee. The cost to file that is $50. If there is a desire to perhaps contact the birth parent (s), Judge Horan will appoint an agent to contact (or try to find in most cases) the birth parents. She will forward the Petition for Authorization of a Designated Search Agent to the Adoptee as well. The cost for filing is $150. If there is a mutual desire for contact, the Search Agent will handle that end of the search, the Judge and our office do not involve ourselves with that aspect of the search.

Butler County Courthouse
P. O. Box 1208
Main Street
Butler, PA 16003-1208
Telephone: 724-284-5348

Judith Moser, Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans' Court Marriage License Bureau

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