Your PAFind listmail is bouncing- here's help!

Dear PAFind listmember:

Hi! Thanks for coming! You were sent this URL by email or by Yahoo Instant Messenger because your YahooGroups account is bouncing right now.

No matter how you were sent a note to come visit this page, your account is presently set to "bouncing" status at Yahoogroups. This means that currently you can't receive or send mail to the PAFind group.

Yahoogroups sets your account to bouncing status after 3 consecutive days of returned mail by your address or after 250 bounces in one day or 250 bounces in one week (regardless of how much other groups mail you might have received. In addition, if your ISP returns a single hard bounce (account or user unknown), then Yahoogroups sets you to bouncing status immediately.

If you got my short message by IM you probably need to go clean out your mailbox and follow the instructions below for "*HOW TO GET YOUR MAIL RESET*".

If you got my short message by email your mail must be operating correctly at this time. Now you can reset your account and get your listmail started again.


There's a few ways to get fixed up and get your email restarted for Yahoogroups. They are listed below:

1) Visit the Yahoogroups website at, and log in using your Yahoo! ID and password. Then go to your My Groups page and you will see a link to reset/unbounce your account.

2) Send an e-mail to a Yahoogroups list. YahooGroups will respond with a message that you are bouncing, and simply follow the included instructions to reset your account.

3) Send me a note at and replace "AT" with the @ symbol. (I'm doing this so spambots don't pick up the email address.) I will reset your membership from bouncing to normal. Also, if you want to switch to a new address, let me know.

This should get you set back up! If I can help, let me know at the above address.

Take care-

Sue R.

People who wanted to reset their PAFind list mail have numbered .

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