Blair County Court Response to Adoption Search Inquiry

1999- no response

2001 response

April 16, 2001 
Judge’s Chambers 
Twenty -Fourth Judicial District of Pennsylvania 
Blair County 
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648-2022 

Dear Ms. Shay: 

The Prothonotary forwarded your request to me for response.  Accordingly, I 
note the following: 

1.  Upon receipt of a request, the request is forwarded to a Judge. 
2.  Judge reviews nature of request and makes a request for a file search. 
3.  Prothonotary conducts file search 
4.  If file is located, it is sent to the Judge. 
5.  Judgereviews the file and: 
    a)     Will send non-identifying information that is requested 
    b)    If identifying information is requested, refers to the adoption     
 agency for parent search 
         i)      Catholic Charities:      no fee 
         ii)      Family Services:      $200.00      
         iii)      Blair County CYS:      nofee 

    c)     If an agency is not identified, request search through        
Children and Youth 

6.  We have never encountered a request for a birth parent to contact/have 
reunion with adopted child. 
7.   If waivers of confidentiality filed, provide file for Judge to review 
and release, if appropriate. 

I trust this information answers your inquiry. 


Jolene Grubb Kopriva, Judge 

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