Every child born means that God is not yet displeased with mankind.

Rabindrinath Tagore
India, 1861-1941

To our beloved birthmothers and mothers...

on these special days today and tomorrow, we cannot help but think of you and your influence on our lives. Thank you for the life you made for us, and for as much of it as you could be with us. We are forever changed by the power of your love.

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"Mother's Kiss", Mary Cassatt, American, 1844-1926

To my birthmother...

About a month ago, you would have been 58 years old if you had not died because of wanting to be a mother, this time, a mother who could keep her child.

Coreocarcinoma, cancer springing from an untreated faulty pregnancy and miscarriage, began at this time when you were trying to have your first child after me and took you from us many years later. The cancer floated unrecognized through your system while you went on to have three more children. You got headaches and mood swings and when it had finally been determined that you had cancer, and it had already spread to your brain, there was little you could do.

Still, being the tough lady you were, you rallied from the cancer for a time and made the medical books for learning how to walk and do daily tasks all over again. You far outlived any medical professional's predictions, but you died far younger than any of us would have guessed.

Your children, all four of us, miss knowing you, miss having you there, miss knowing you are among us as an anchor to our lives.

For the gift you gave me of life and later, a history, there are no words. For your unselfishness in getting me to a home better than your parents' who wanted to raise me, I am grateful. For the gift you gave me of siblings, after 20 years of being an only child, I thank you with all my heart.