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Welcome to the new Adoption Message Board of Pennsylvania. The old one was up to over 1500 posts and searching on it was getting to be quite a chore. It was time to make a new one, transfer the old messages over, and make it more searchable by year. Hence- the new one has groups of years so you don't have to go through all the posts- just ones in your group of years. Please note that these group of years are not standard, like a single decade. Some years (like 1850-1899) won't have a lot of posts so a 50 year group made sense. On the other hand, the 1960's were the birth years of many adoptees, so it has been divided into 1960-1964 and 1965 to 1969.

When you get to the post and search part (next page) you will be doing so by looking for the year of birth of the adoptee. The directions for posting/viewing will appear OVER the board you bring up on the new page.


-No spam, no solicitation messages, no naming of any paid searchers, no posts that are not related to Pennsylvania. Any such messages will be promptly removed.

-If you are looking to adopt a child, this is NOT the right place to post- BUT- since you are reading this, please let this board show you the importance of choosing open adoption- so you adopted child doesn't have to go through what all of us are with searching.

-No picking off addresses from this board by anyone for other uses. There are some posts on here linked to specific addresses, so misuse will be obvious and will be reported.


-The good thing about posting here is that your message will get high exposure for free, and to maximize your chances, may be passed on to various adoption mailing lists.

-The bad thing about posting here is that whenever you post info on the 'net it is available to anyone and might lead to getting some junk mail or solicitations from private investigators and the like. Most people feel it is best to take this chance since they can always delete it.

-It'd be smart to get yourself a SEPARATE free mailbox and post here using that address. This way you will have an unchanging address for your lifetime so if you switch internet service providers, you won't have to go back and repost here or all the other registries you posted on. You can get one at lots of places like Yahoo or MailCity or Hotmail. This way any junk mail will not go into your primary mailbox. BUT REMEMBER- any answers or potential matches will go to that box too, so be sure to check it periodically! Also- most free mailboxes have 2 drawbacks- they often require you to log in regularly so they don't assume your account is dead, AND they usually have limits on how much you can store. So- log in at least monthly and delete junk to make sure you keep room for possible incoming matches.


-When you fill out the form, get SHORT and SPECIFIC info in the SUBJECT headline, like PLACE and DATE or even a name. Catch the attention of the person you are looking for! Like this:

"Birthmom ISO 5/23/60 Philly M adoptee"
"F adoptee Bellefonte 11/9/72, ISO any b-family"

You can put more details later in your post, but get the essentials in the headline so your ad gets the right attention.


then you are probably ready to go to the board to post and/or search. CLICK HERE.

People who have read the above (and probably gone on to search/post at the new Adoption Message Board of Pennsylvania with the 1500 transferred from the old board) number
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