Learn About the Uniform Adoption Act (UAA) - "The Evil Act" by clicking on the links below:

What exactly does it say?
Where the heck did this come from?
Tell me more.
The Adoption Exchange Association opposes it.
The National Adoption Center opposes it.
The National Association of Social Workers opposes it.
Catholic Charities opposes it.
Why else is this legislation unacceptable?
What does the Adoptee Internet Mailing List say?
Can you give me a media analysis?
OK. Got it. Birthmother has to decide fast. Criminal to search. What about birthdads?
Why would open records help- especially in PA?
What can you tell me about adoption law in general?
What have been the results of opening records elsewhere?

Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education Links

Click here to join PA Find- a FREE e-mail list of PA searchers helping one another.
Pennsylvania Adoption Message Board - Post and Search!
Backtrack to your old agency for possible help in search.
Why is your county of finalization important and a source of info?
The decree is issued in the county of finalization (where adoptee went to) - want to see one?
Learn how some counties make it a bit harder.
Like to see an example of PA relinquishment papers?
Here's a list of PA Adoption Search/Support Groups.
Learn what non-id is, and how to ask for it.
File those waivers of confidentiality!
Here's a list of Search Basics.
Read PA adoption law - the easy version or the actual wording.
Caveat emptor! Read some cautions in hiring a searcher!
Learn more about the UAA (Uniform Adoption Act)- "The Evil Act"- coming to PA or your state?
Philadelphia's City Paper covers adoption law and the UAA in PA.
Click here to read a personal essay on adoption with info for all sides of the triad.
Click here for a good list of general adoption links.

Birthparents and adoptees want the truth to get out!

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The number of people warned about the Uniform Adoption Act is since 5/5/98. Spread the word before it hits your state! It's being considered in Pennsylvania right now- House Bill 654 and in Maryland as House Bill 1119!

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